Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lulled into a Frenzy

My readers know me as a man well in touch with feelings, both my own as well as those I project onto others. I have a sensitive side. I chafe! And recently, thanks to Skype, I've been privileged to sit in on some provocative "girl chat" initiated by my fiancee and her roomies. Without going into any details and risk severing the line of "girly trust" I've been able to establish, let me say that had I not been born a man (which I was, sideburns and all), I think I might have enjoyed being a girl, just like that flowery song goes...

...of course, I would have very little choice whether I enjoyed being a girl or not, being born a girl and all. Not that I would probably notice (on account of being a girl and all...). But, oh! Thank God He made me a dude just like Him! All MEN truly are created EQUAL! In His own image! Bros before Hos!


I bought pro tools last month and I've been having fun messing with sounds. I learned how to post them on, so you'll find much to be amused and lulled into a frenzy by. As soon as I make more, that is... speaking of which, I better make tracks.


get it?

"make tracks"

As in "I better get going now"


I'll explain the joke (for you ladies) in a later post! Peace 'n I'm out!

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Jay said...

I like the way track a lot. As for seeing the what few men do welcome! I have said only to a select few that I am part Girl. Which if you think about it you are. The cromazones used to make you are part mom and dad so there. Actually me I'm part girl in the sense that I grew what with mostly woman in the house. I too am glad to be born male, but am thankful to understand them. Ya Bros before hos! Cause most hos have STD's and you should be near them to begin with. So bros you should be with. As for having to explain the tracks all I can say oh my it didn't need to be.