Monday, October 13, 2008

AND also a smidge blubbery

Class went pretty well today I think. I'm teaching Audio Techniques in Production this Fall, worth 4 units! I've been an easy prof. I don't let students turn work in late or anything, but my tests are easy and I usually let out early.

It took me awhile to feel like I'm doing it okay. The teaching, I mean. I want to be prepared --like really, really prepared--powerpoint and everything! Videos already digitized and edited to be shown as lecture examples. All the bells 'n whistleys. Whooooeeet! Ding-ding-ding!

I think I'm going to bring banana bread to class next Monday night. If I can get the landlord to fix the oven. And the stove, too. Both are currently on the fritz. I grilled pizzas yesterday on the outdoor bbq. I think my girlfriend would enjoy the pizzas, cause they came out grilly and charrey, just the way she likes 'em! Anyway, if I bribe the students now, maybe they'll write nice things about me in the class eval later on *nod*

To celebrate my acheivement of surviving another day of instruction, I'm treating myself to another one of my fiancee's (that's right!-- she's no longer the girlfriend I began writing about a few short blogs ago... she, CoRri (with the capital R), is now my betrothed!) Netflix-streamed movies. My ex-girlfriend is the best!

I proposed outside the penguin exhibit at the Oregon Zoo on CoRri's birthday, September 9. I got really bleary teary AND also a smidge blubbery. I do that sometimes.

I haven't blogged in awhile, mainly because I've been busy planning the proposal, preparing for my audio class, keeping my regular job at the school, and goofing off. But I love my reader (s?) tons tons tons, so I hope to resume blogging much more actively than before. And we've all heard that before... :P

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the CoR said...

You're adorable, my blubbery boy. I so enjoy your blogs. And if I knew that, were I in your class, I could certainly be bought with banana bread.