Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Universe Don't Subscribe to My Blog

Okay, so I haven't been blogging much. Some would say "not at all." I would say maybe I've been devoting all my blogging energy into learning to text my girlfriend more often. You'd think she would appreciate having her own personal mobile boyfriend blog, but alas...

She still thinks I should be blogging here at "Oh, Kyo" more often (especially since she's the one who set it up for me over four months ago, and it's lain pretty much dormant ever since).

So I'm sitting here, in my room (alone *sniff*), READY TO BLOG. I've got coffee. I've got no distractions whatsoever. One of my roommates even offers to take Gaucho for a walk, so that even his frequent doggie yawning won't be a discouragement to me. I open my laptop. I log onto the blog site. I sip my caffeinated beverage for good measure. Aaaand...

...I get a phone call from my cousin.

So we chat for a bit. And it isn't one of those short conversations, either. It's one of those "let's get caught up" conversations. Which is a good thing. Even a great thing, I would say 99% of the time, when you aren't otherwise preoccupied with trying to prove to your girlfriend and the WORLD that you actually care enough to use the blog she created, out of the mapley goodness of her pure ever-loving heart, for your own (but mostly her, I mean let's face it) amusement.

And finally here I am, return-ed from my long, yet long-overdue chat with a long-lost distant relative. And I have but one epiphany with which to simultaneously leave you and end this message. And it is this:

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the CoR said...

I AM the universe :op

Can you blame me if I love the way you write?