Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Because I Love My Girlfriend

I do not question, ever, her tactics. Her tactics are adorably straightforward. She merely suggests, and I comply.

This is the agreeable arrangement that we have.

Take for example, the case of her forgetting her phone on a recent trip out of state. Now I, being the wonderful boyfriend I am, did not hesitate to rush to her aid after but the waif-ish of hints via a text message sent from a borrowed phone. Even now, as I write, I am only delaying my joyous trip to the United States Post Office which will whisk her haplessly discarded cell phone northward, into her open, expectant arms. Those wonderfully smooth caramel arms ending in the softest of fingers which beckon and point me in every which way.

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the CoR said...

Hahahaha! Okay, in general, you're totally right. But I made no such hints on the phone. LoL. I just wanted you to know you would not be able to get a hold of me. You're the cutest ever.